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Disney’s Frozen II is Going to Dominate Our Holidays… and I’m all About it!

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I’m sure I speak for most parents when I say that Disney rules my home. My daughter loves everything Disney princess related and my son is all about Marvel. We’re already on the Disney+ bandwagon! I’m sure I’m standing no more than three feet from something Disney no matter where I am in my house.

I love taking my kids to the movies and every few months there’s something from Disney for us to see. Most recently it was Toy Story 4 and the live-action Lion King. And while we enjoyed both, they’re going to pale in comparison to the upcoming Frozen II debut. My kids are absolutely nuts for Frozen!

I’ve talked to other dads and the mania is real—Frozen is the most anticipated event of the season for most kids. But while other parents might be dreading the constant feedback loop Frozen II is sure to generate, I’m all about it! I think it’s a great thing and I hope it lives up to the hype, because it unlocks so many possibilities for me as a single dad.

Open the Frozen floodgates!

When the first Frozen movie came out, my kids were pretty young. They didn’t experience the full effect of how prolific the original was. They’ve since seen it a hundred times and own enough Frozen merchandise to open a collector’s museum. I’m excited for them to get in at the ground floor of the newest movie, because I can already see how genuinely excited they are.

More than making my kids happy, Frozen II is my ticket to connecting with them in a ton of new ways. We’ll go to see it in theaters, of course—probably twice. But then comes Christmas, where Frozen toys are going to be the hottest things on the market. I’ve already anticipated wrapping more than a few of them for my kids! And, toys in hand, it’s our ticket to play “Frozen” at home. My daughter’s Elsa costume isn’t in any danger of gathering dust and my son does a pretty good Olaf impression. I’m obviously Kristoff.

It’s amazing just how much a single movie impacts the time we spend together. I’m already looking forward to the Frozen II singalong edition, the interactive apps and the Frozen-themed board games—all of them are opportunities to engage with my kids outside of just sitting and watching the movie with them.

Frozen can’t come fast enough

I’m looking forward to the holidays, for obvious reasons. But this year I’m also excited to be able to share the Frozen II experience with my kids. They’re young and this what’s exciting for them! This is the thing that’s big in their world and if it gives me a chance to connect with them, you better believe I’m going to be first in line for tickets on opening day!

There are so many parents dreading the inevitable—Frozen II on repeat, all day, every day. Me? I’m looking forward to it.


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